Frecuently Asked Questions

Can I customize my trip? 

R// Of course. You only have to  getting touch with us  and  we will design a trip according to your  needs. 

Can we start the trips from some border step or another access road  besides  airports ? 

Yes , we can start or  conclude a  trip in any authorized border access, city or town. Anyway we suggest  you to consult  us in advance to make the pertinent arrangements. 

Can we  conclude the trip in other country or include more than one  country in a trip?  

Yes, but we will use local tourist services in each country, similar to ours and we will always act according to the effective regulations. 

Can we negotiate special authorizations in Guatemala?  

Yes . We can require  authorizations for mountain climbing ,  special visits or regulated activities in protected wild areas, industries, companies, universities and national monuments. We can also establish contacts with people or institutions of your   interest. 

I would like to travel in group, is that possible? 

Our idea is to work with small groups and with independent travelers. This way we can offer a better and more personalized service. Nevertheless we have the capacity to mobilize groups of more than 50 people, in this case we will provide the appropriate number of personnel and the necessary logistics to the requirements of the group. 

Should I hire an insurance? 

We recommend you to hire your own trip insurance because in Guatemala appropriate travelers pals are not available in  the market. Anyway we have the insurance of accidents that the norms demand in Guatemala. 

It is indispensable to send us all their antecedents and those of their insurance before beginning the trip. 

What should I make if I have some special requirement? 

If you are vegetarian or there are foods that you doesn’t eat simply, or  has some allergy, discapacity or if it exceeds the general size . Either in height, weight or in any other form you  has the obligation of informing  us in advance . We want to assist you  and make your trip pleasant,

Who are our guides? 

Our personnel has been carefully selected by his professionalism, experience, knowledge, capacity of leadership and empathy with the passengers. We prefer to work with Central American bilingual personnel we understand that nobody can show their country better that their own inhabitants. 

Any suggestion for baggage  or especial equipment? 

Don’t worry, when confirming your participation  you will receive a complete team list and recommendations according to the trip type, season and prevailing climatic conditions in the date of your visit so  you don’t forget anything and neither bring things of more. We suggest to be carefully with the volume of your  baggage, we also recommend to use to carry the  appropriate baggage’s to the nature of the activity that you  will carry out. A rigid suitcase and of big proportions it can be damaged enough in an overland for the mountains. If for some reason your  baggage exceeds to a big handbag and one of hand for person, is important that  you  warns us in advance to take the pertinent cautions. Mainly when it is a group. 

What does  happen if for some reason there are a closed road, fallen bridge or any difficulty that it impedes the normal development of the program? 

We will make all the possible  to reorient the trip, to look for alternative routes or to find other equally interesting destinations. It can have additional minimum costs that we  will discuss previously. You won’t lose their trip. 

I have my own Travel agent. Can I reserve a trip with Atitrans by means of him? 

If and without additional charge for our part. You should only send him our data so that it contacts us directly. 

Which are my lodging options if I travel alone? 

Our rates are based on double lodgings. However you can opt for a single  lodging, paying a supplement. In the mountain refuges the rooms are in general common and there are several beds in each one. In these cases you will share it with other travelers.  

We request you to warn us in advance in the event of requiring of a  single room for being  able to make the arrangements in advance. 

Which is the best time in the year to travel to Guatemala or Central America? 

Due to the geographical localization of this area we have good time the whole year. We will send him all the necessary information before beginning their trip. 

How can I get  to Guatemala and Central America? 

Guatemala has good communication roads, airlines like Iberia, United Airlines, Copa , American Airlines, Continental, TACA, US Airways, has daily and regular flights toward Guatemala, Some Cities have airports and at the moment we have four airlines with domestic flights TAG, RACSA, INTER TACA, TIKAL JETS.  We have steps border paymasters with Mexico, El Salvador and Honduras and there are several companies of buses with international services, we can also receive and to leave passengers in steps border paymasters.  

Some special recommendation when changing money? 

Only in the cities machines exist to take out effective (ATM) and banks. Some towns possess houses of change, but the change is better in the cities. We recommend to have notes of low and half denomination because in small towns it is always complicated to buy with big notes. Only in cities and in some towns with high tourist flow credit cards are accepted. 

What should experience and physical condition have to travel? 

 If you hire a private trip, we will adapt to your  possibilities. In the case of a grupal trip we recommend to choose your trip carefully according to your possibilities and abilities. We always recommend to consult to your  doctor.  

The guide will have the ability to determine if some passenger can or not to continue the trip. It is very important to keep in mind that it cannot put on in risk the success of a grupal trip for problems of health of some of their members. We will take into account the opinion of all those involved.